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WeCare Cleaning is a locally owned and operated cleaning business with more than five years in the cleaning industry. As a specialist commercial cleaning contractor, we will take care of the health, safety and well-being of your customers, employees, and visitors. As a responsible partner, we can solve concerns about hygiene through knowledge-sharing, better visibility of our team and precious testing and monitoring. Our services are always customized to meet your organisation needs because we understand that clean, hygienic workplaces demand high standards.

At WeCare Cleaning we believe in quality work; on-time delivery and positive customer relationships we develop with our clients. By providing cutting-edge technology, best-in-class products, and professional cleaners with police clearance and insurance to ensure our customers and their properties are in good hands.


Our Mission


We are committed to providing great quality cleaning services at a competitive price while great customer service. Our mission is to make easy dealing with cleaning contractors so that you can focus on your business growth, productivity and can spend quality time with family. 

Our Vision


We strongly believe that everyone has the right to live and work in a safe, clean, and enjoyable environment. This can reduce the spread of any future pandemic to our community and country while it can increase the quality of life of everyone including our team.

Corporate Social Responsibility


To minimise the risk of chemicals on individuals and the environment, we are supporting sustainable cleaning methods and chemicals as much as possible. Moreover, our cleaners are trained and advised to minimise the waste whereas maximising the recycling of materials. Moreover, for the wellbeing of our staff, we follow legislation guidelines for work ethics and donate some part of our income to support our community.



Covid-19 Disinfection is a part of each service because we recognise the gravity of the situation and the importance of keeping your workplace as clean and hygienic as possible during these difficult times. We're committed to supporting the prevention of the virus's spread so that your employees and their families can return to work and feel safe while they are there.

Cleaning Car Window


Clean Homes


Professional Staffers


Happy Clients


Years in Business

Workplace cleaning


Our office cleaning services help to create a positive and productive working atmosphere for employees, visitors, and clients, allowing them to focus on getting things done.

Healthcare Cleaning


A clean hospital environment is critical for reducing infection risks and assisting patients in their recovery. We provide the highest standards in hygiene in the healthcare industry. Our health care cleaning also includes medical clinics, therapy, and dentist clinics.

Education Centre Cleaning


Our education centre cleaning includes any size of the education sector from small tuitions classes to childcare centres and schools. We are making sure that children should not get sick from their study centre by providing extensive standards of cleaning to minimise the risk of infection at schools.

Strata Cleaning


Our property service includes common area cleaning of a commercial and residential building through partnering with a body corporate or directly. The cleanliness of the amenities and common areas has always been a top priority for us because they are the first point of contact for visitors and residents of the building. Several property management companies have contracted us. Our timely and effective service enables our clients to provide their residents with exceptional living and working conditions.

Our services are not limited to these groups. 

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