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We Care Cleaning is a locally owned and operated cleaning company for the best commercial cleaning service in Darwin with a very professional commercial cleaners’ team in Darwin. Whether your company makes its home in an office building, Child Care Centre or school, factory, warehouse, or residential building We Care Cleaning delivers professional commercial cleaning services that help promote healthy work environments and keep your buildings sparkling. Our cleaning professionals are proud to offer premium cleaning services in Darwin that by far beat the standard cleaning services you will get out there. We always use green cleaning products that are highly effective without leaving behind any residue or foul smells. In fact, in the rare event that a place is not cleaned properly, our team will come back to clean it at no additional cost. No matter what kind of facility you have, we have the tools and techniques to handle your disinfecting and cleaning responsibilities.

Moreover, we can also provide you with a customised cleaning solution that fits your budget and work schedule, even if it is after hours. At WeCare cleaning we believe in working through partnership instead of just being a contractor means we will be working as your business partner who will take your cleaning headache away so you can focus on your business growth.

Our commercial cleaning includes:

  1. Hospitals & Medical Centres                                                   

  2. Education Centres

  3. Business FIFO Accomodation 

  4. Government Departments

  5. Clubs & Corporate Events

  6. Transport & Logistics Centres 

  7. Shopping Centres (Arcades & shopping malls)

  8. Banks & Credit Unions

  9. Warehouse Storage Facilities

  10. Leisure & Entertainment Centres

  11. Health & Fitness Centres

  12. Luxury Hotels & Resorts

  13. Corporate Show Rooms

  14. Shipping Ports & Airports

Why choose us


  1. Customise Surface Sanitisation Plan

  2. Tried and Trusted by locals

  3. Insured up to 20M 

  4. Professional cleaners

  5. No lock-in contract

  6. More than five years in business

  7. Flexible payment options

  8. Proven work records

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How it works

Request a quote

One of our manager will contact you on same day to confirm the day and time for site visit

Site visit

You can show us around and discuss what services you need and frequency of it


We will send you a service quote on the same day. Call us if you wish to discuss it.

Service audit

We will audit our service standards to make sure we are delivering the BEST quality always.

What is a Commercial Cleaning Service?


A commercial cleaning service is what an individual that owns a big physical structure, e.g., offices, plants, a production house for his business activities would look out for to neatly clean their offices, plants, and other structures. The services of commercial cleaners are so important because every organisation requires one in the long run. After all, just like every other building, hospitals, schools, commercial and residential premises must remain clean for increased productivity.

Commercial cleaning service providers work in businesses and manufacturing settings to provide cleaning services on a larger scale or deal with the kinds of mess you rarely find in a domestic home. They are usually experts at cleaning for a particular type of premise or industry and may be highly qualified in different cleaning methods and standards.

Why is Commercial Cleaning Important?


Hygiene requirements and standards:

Food processing kitchens, plants, and medical facilities are just a few examples of business environments that must adhere to strict hygiene requirements and standards. To safeguard the personnel inside these particular premises, as well as the general public that enters them or comes into touch with their goods, it is critical that these premises are cleaned by professional commercial cleaners who understand the standards that must be followed. This may entail using specific cleaning solutions or adhering to strict protocols at all times. For this course, WeCare Cleaning can provide you with professional commercial cleaners that will handle the job expertly.

Dangerous substances:

Anything from nuclear waste at a power plant, to used needles at a doctor’s office might be considered hazardous materials. It is critical that facilities and organisations that routinely handle hazardous products have their own hygiene and cleaning practices that are adhered to by highly experienced and professional commercial cleaners. This keeps everyone safe and also ensures that any biohazards or other harmful chemicals are properly disposed of after use.

Cleaning equipment:

The most powerful cleaning tool you have at home is most likely a vacuum cleaner. In a commercial environment where carpet extractors, steam cleaning systems, floor scrubbers, and industry-specific tools and equipment are used, this is rarely the case. Because these machines are costly to buy and maintain, training on how to operate them is vital to avoid unintentional damage to either the equipment or the object while they are being cleaned.

Highly concentrated chemicals and solutions:

Stronger cleaning solutions are occasionally required for commercial cleaning. Most household cleansers are no stronger than 6% bleach, while commercial or industrial cleaners can be significantly stronger. To be safe to use, these cleaning solutions normally need to be diluted using precise quantities of water or other solvents, therefore training is essential at all times.

Reputation management:

Even firms that are not subject to stringent cleaning and hygiene regulations may choose to hire commercial cleaners to improve their reputation. Working in a clean, serene and fresh environment is more pleasant and can keep employees and visitors both healthier and happier.

Long-term cost savings:

Many inexperienced office cleaning firms just carry out the most fundamental cleaning procedures, neglecting the dust that accumulates on top of cupboards, blinds, shelves, and in difficult-to-reach spots. Dust and foul smells are emitted by fabric-covered furniture. Maintaining your workplace should involve maintaining floors, workstations, shelving, furniture, and other places free of dust, dirt, and pollutants.

A thorough cleaning helps to prevent carpets from becoming highly soiled and damaged, with deeply entrenched dirt that can only be removed by replacing the carpet, which comes at a greater expense compared to regularly cleaning it. Long-term savings may be considerable, and at We Care Cleaning, we provide a variety of financing options for more complex cleaning, and remediation services as may be required by our customers.

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