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Business Accommodation for their Fly in and fly out employees.

We have been providing exception cleaning and property maintenance services for a corporate client. Who need someone to clean and maintain their accommodations in order to provide hassle-free and clean working environments and short stay place for their employees who are mainly coming to work to Darwin for short time and going back to the head office.

Our business FIFO accommodation services are flexible to customise as per your need. In detail, we can provide all services from linens to consumables and periodically maintenance where we will be helping them with small maintenance issues such as pool cleaning and gardening etc. This is to make sure the company do not need to allocate their resources on maintenance of their offside or onsite accommodation as we are taking that responsibility on us.

Airbnb House Cleaning:

At We Care Cleaning we are proving Airbnb Cleaning and maintenance services to increase positive feedback from the guest, which can result in a higher number of bookings. Our Airbnb accommodation cleaning comes with different plans where can provide only cleaning as well we can provide full services mean we can provide everything from linens to consumables and cleaning materials to chemicals.

We know how important it is to maintain cleanliness as per the guest’s expectation, in addition to this it is also important to make sure the property is in good condition after each guest check out or next guest check in.

As per our business policy, we do not provide same day check in with our cleaning services. This means you must have a day block between two check in or check out, so our team have enough time to clean the property, restock all consumables and report any maintenance issue to the property owner.

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How it works

Request a quote

One of our manager will contact you on same day to confirm the day and time for site visit

Site visit

You can show us around and discuss what services you need and frequency of it


We will send you a service quote on the same day. Call us if you wish to discuss it.

Service audit

We will audit our service standards to make sure we are delivering the BEST quality always.

Here is our checklist to help you understand us better!



  1. Check all lights, fans and air conditioners are working

  2. Check all remotes, TVs and DVDs are working

  3. Check for any breakage or other maintenance issues

  4. Email or call Owners if anything is not working

  5. Check guests have left keys to door and garage remotes

  6. Email or call Owners if anything is not working

  7. Strip linen and towelling

  8. Check all rooms for any guest belongings left behind

  9. Check washing machine and dryer for clothes


  1. Remove all rubbish and food from kitchen.

  2. Leave left over oil, salt and pepper for next guest.

  3. Check dishwasher for dishes (run cycle if necessary)

  4. Clean & sanitise fridge, freezer, oven, griller, microwave, cupboards

  5. Cream cleanser sinks & wipe over all bench tops

  6. Polish cutlery and all stainless steel fittings

  7. Wipe over all door fronts and handles

  8. Tidy and polish all pots and pans

  9. Polish and tidy glassware

  10. Sanitise bin and bin area - re-line bins

  11. Restock all consumables and other stuff as needed


  1. Lint removed from clothes dryer & washing machine

  2. Laundry powder restock as needed

  3. Laundry tub cleaned with creme cleanser and sanitised

  4. Wipe over all surfaces

  5. Check iron, ironing board, vacuum cleaner, mop, bucket, broom, dustpan and brush all in good condition

  • BEDROOMS                                                      

  1. Air-Conditioning vents & ceiling fans  wiped when look dusty or dirty

  2. Beds made and dressed

  3. Tops and inside bedside tables & lamps wiped and pulled out for vacuuming

  4. Wardrobe shelving wiped and hangers tidy

  5. Mirrors, pictures and windows spotless

  6. Handles, decorations & fittings wiped

  7. Skirting boards and wall marks wiped when needed

  8. Check under all furniture

  9. Fresh bath towels rolled and placed on the end of each bed

  10. Check decorative cushions for stains and wash if needed


  1. Empty bin and remove all rubbish, old soaps or amenities

  2. Mighty-wipe shower, bath, basins & toilet

  3. Blue-spray all mirrors, glass & windows

  4. Cabinets wiped inside and out

  5. Hair dryer clean and free of hair

  6. Toilet brush and bin disinfected

  7. Stainless steel fittings polished

  8. Hand towels, washers, bath mats and amenities in place

  9. Check all toilets are spotless & flushed


  1. Air-Conditioning vents & ceiling fans wiped when dusty or dirty

  2. All flat surfaces wiped all and wall marks removed

  3. Lounge base cushions and crevasses lifted & vacuumed

  4. TV, Stereo and AV equipment wiped over and tested

  5. Ornaments and accessories/plants wiped down when dusty

  6. Wipe power fittings and light switches when marked or dusty

  7. Lounge suite & chair arms wiped and pulled away from the wall for vacuuming

  8. Skirting boards & door tracks cleaned

  9. Fresh pool towels on coffee table rolled neatly

  • BALCONIES           

  1. Outdoor tables, chairs & railings cleaned

  2. Windows & glass panels spotless

  3. BBQ cleaned and working

  4. Gas bottle checked / spare gas bottle full

  5. Check spa chemicals, add where needed and lock away chemicals

  6. Email or call Owners if spa does not look clean

  7. We get the spa serviced professionally every couple of months as well

  8. Balcony deck vacuumed (if not wet) then washed or mopped

  • ENTIRE PROPERTY                  

  1. All floors vacuumed and mopped

  2. including outside front door

  3. All door handles wiped


  1. Check key are left for coming guest

  2. Check all beds & lounges for rubbish/dirt/dust

  3. Lights, fans and air-conditioned turned off

  4. Owner cupboard and linen cupboards locked

  5. All doors and windows closed and locked

  6. Front door clean

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