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We offer expert strata caretaker and service for both residential and commercial buildings, and we work closely with our customers to determine their unique requirements. Our emblem at WeCare Cleaning is to make sure that we go into every detail and corner with the semblance of dirt or stain, leaving your commercial or residential strata sparkling and twinkling. We acknowledge the fact that each firm or commercial environment has its own set of operational circumstances. As a result, we have a centralised reporting system that provides accurate, detailed, and timely information. Therefore, our initial meeting will include an evaluation of the circumstances in your body corporate and the formulation of any cleaning goals that must be reached in order for us to comprehend your operational environment.

Our professional service mainly includes ground maintenance, cleaning, and supervision of the property. We are familiar with and understands the special requirements of commercial and residential common spaces, such as shared toilets and bathrooms. As a result, they work efficiently and effectively to meet their needs while maintaining a clean, sanitary, and presentable environment at all times.

However, we give diligent consideration to our client's needs and requirements and come up with a cleaning plan and solution that will be perfectly tailored and personalized to meet our clients’ needs and requirements respectively before our WeCare Cleaning team swings into action.

Meet The Cleaning Team

Based on our past clients’ reviews, the cleaning team at WeCare Cleaning is one of the best you can find out there. They are professionals with extensive and intensive training; therefore, you can rest assured of the highest quality possible. Apart from that, they are very friendly and cheerful in performing their tasks, and they make sure not to disturb the peace of your neighbours with their professional approach to servicing body corporates.

Body Corporate Cleaners with Professionalism and Experience

Our strata Cleaners are highly trained, professional, friendly, and experienced. With decades of combined expertise, our crew has seen every cleaning scenario seeable. We have seen the dirtiest part of dirt.

All cleaning professionals are properly insured, licensed, and have been trained to operate in accordance with workplace health and safety requirements. All of the equipment is current and well-maintained. We have carefully selected a team of strata clearers that have extensive expertise cleaning office and commercial buildings in Darwin.

Why choose us


  1. Customise Surface Sanitisation Plan

  2. Tried and Trusted by locals

  3. Insured up to 20M 

  4. Professional cleaners

  5. No lock-in contract

  6. More than five years in business

  7. Flexible payment options

  8. Proven work records

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How it works

Request a quote

One of our manager will contact you on same day to confirm the day and time for site visit

Site visit

You can show us around and discuss what services you need and frequency of it


We will send you a service quote on the same day. Call us if you wish to discuss it.

Service audit

We will audit our service standards to make sure we are delivering the BEST quality always.

Body corporate cleaning checklist


  1. Cleaning Services and Covid-19: We provide cleaning services that cover a customized surface sanitization plan to reduce the risk of infectious diseases, the fully vaccinated team with infection control training.

  2. Our Darwin body corporate cleaning team keep your properties in good conditions and order, ensuring a safe and healthy environment for your clients, neighbours and tenants.

  3. Along with normal strata cleaning, we also provide specialized services such as carpet cleaning, staircase cleaning, window washing, and lots more. You may include any of these in your body corporate cleaning plan. Better still, we can strike a deal to work with you on an on-demand basis.

  4. We can provide our services to you at any time of the day, or as your schedule dictates. Our crew is happy to provide services in the early morning, on weekends, or during regular work hours.

  5. While body corporate cleaning is essential for you, it should not interfere with your customers, renters, or landlords; we ensure this.

  6. We are devoted to using high-quality cleaning equipment that protects everyone and preserves the environment’s health. Our Darwin experts have discovered the best ecologically friendly and safest cleaning chemicals for commercial use. And, if anything more powerful is necessary, we have a large selection of cleaning equipment and chemicals in store.

  7. Sanitise all touchpoints with Covid -19 approved chemicals

  8. Trace the keys/fobs of the building and handover to the authorised person or contractor. Respond to property matters 24/7 depending on urgency.

  9. House law enforcement as per the body corporate advice and legal guidelines.

  10. Maintain the timing of building services and safety rules such as security alarms, water pumps, and pools.

  11. Carry out Minor Maintenance of the building.

  12. Garden and lawn move as needed Picking up all litter and debris scattered through common areas

  13. Take out bins and wash out as per schedule

  14. Follow building inspection routing for safety and security concerns of the building

  15. Watering gardens Cleaning common area windows and entry doors

  16. Common area carpet vacuuming and steam cleaning

  17. Sweep and mop all hard surfaces, using correct chemicals and cleaning

  18. Cleaning and disinfecting all stairwells and walkways inspect weekly

  19. Clean the common facilities like toilets, gym, entertainment rooms and restock consumables

  20. Carpark cleaning and removing any oil mark from the surface

  21. Remove cobwebs from inside and outside of the building

  22. Common area carpet vacuuming and steam cleaning

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