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You need to know this about surface sanitisation to stay safe in this PANDEMIC!

Updated: Mar 17

First and foremost, commercial cleaning contractors must know current government guidelines regarding Covid 19 infection and regular cleaning safety even if there are no positive cases in the community or on the site.

Surface Sanitization Plan: This means they should have a surface sanitization plan for each client. Each cleaning site is different even if it’s an office, school, childcare or residential and commercial building because the level of risk is different. So, the cleaning company should know this crucial information such as the number of visitors to prepare a surface sanitization plan. Moreover, the site cleaners should know which chemicals to be used and where and how often to get maximum results and minimize the infection spread risk.

Their cleaners team must be fully vaccinated and must have a Covid 19 Infection Control Training certificate. Just having it is not even that should also know or trained by their safety team that how they will be using it practically as it will be different for each site.

Which Chemical to use and where because if they are using Covid 19 Certified Chemicals but what if they do not know where to use it like they are using Hospital grade surface sanitiser in-floor cleaning whereas it should be used for surface only. This puts visitors and staff at high risk whereas the floor will look filthy.

Your cleaning company or its site cleaners should also know that they need to maintain the cleanliness of their cleaning equipment, clothes, and their uniforms. The cleaning clothes which they are using for surface sanitisation should be washed properly and dried before using it for the next time, so it doesn’t carry any germs on them and spread on the surfaces.

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