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Are you in need of a reliable, tested, and trusted office cleaner company in Darwin? WeCare Cleaning can be your possible best option in Darwin, NT provides professional office cleaners with attention to detail and police checked to meet your office’s very high serenity standards.

You can get a smart approach to complete and fulfilling office cleaner services. Right from the start. You’ll expect personalized cleaning resources that will meet your needs from a full-service office cleaner company. Moreover, we can customize our cleaning plans to meet your budget and cleaning needs. In addition to this, we are working after hours and weekends to serve more businesses like you.

A well-developed and detailed system to tidy your office is definitely not too much to ask for. A specific office cleaning duties list should be established to meet your specific requirements. You will be provided with all the support you require, and our personalized, cleaning service contract will cater to the accomplishment of sparkling office space, with the attention to detail that you would expect from a professional office cleaner company.

We have the knowledge and resources to guarantee complete satisfaction; WeCare office cleaning Darwin specializes in commercial spaces. WeCare office cleaning Darwin is a varied firm that offers full service through a network of dependable office cleaners and cutting-edge technology. We can provide office cleaner services for media companies, corporate buildings, banks, advertising firms, and anything else that classifies as an office.

At WeCare cleaning we believe in working through partnership instead of just being a contractor means we will be working as your business partner who will take your cleaning headache away so you can focus on your business growth.

Why choose us


  1. Tried and Trusted by locals 

  2. Insured up to 20M

  3. Professional cleaners 

  4. No lock-in contract

  5. More than five years in business

  6. Flexible payment options

  7. Proven work records

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How it works

Request a quote

One of our manager will contact you on same day to confirm the day and time for site visit

Site visit

You can show us around and discuss what services you need and frequency of it


We will send you a service quote on the same day. Call us if you wish to discuss it.

Service audit

We will audit our service standards to make sure we are delivering the BEST quality always.

Here is our office cleaning

checklist to help you better!



Duties will be performed in rotation based on the frequency of the cleaning cycle.

  1. Offices, Common Area, Conference Room

  2. Sanitise all touchpoints with Covid-19 approved chemicals.

  3. Clean out all the bins and replace the bin liners. Trash should be taken to a collection station.

  4. Vacuuming the carpeted area

  5. Clean and polish the water cooler/drinking fountain.

  6. Dust all horizontal surfaces thoroughly, including desks, files, windowsills, chairs, tables, and other furniture.

  7. Use damp wipes to clean coffee rings and spillage from any horizontal surfaces.

  8. Sweep and mop the hard floor.

  9. Damp-mop hard surface floors to remove any spillage from soiled areas.

  10. Wipe off the entryway with a damp cloth to remove fingerprints.

  11. Spot clean partition glass

  12. Inspect and pick up rubbish, as needed, building entrance area Restrooms.


  1. Restock all consumables.

  2. Empty rubbish bins and wipe them down.

  3. Clean all mirrors.

  4. Wipe external surface and sanitize.

  5. Thoroughly clean toile and urinal.

  6. Toilet seats to be cleaned on both sides using a disinfectant.

  7. Scour and sanitize all basins.

  8. Dust partitions, tops of mirrors and frames

  9. Clean and disinfect all basins.

  10. Clean up the splash marks on the walls around the sinks.

  11. Use a disinfectant to mop and rinse the restroom floors.


  1. Clean and wipe tables and chairs

  2. Empty rubbish bin and change bin bag

  3. Disinfect the fronts, tops, and sides of trash cans; mop the lunch break room and kitchen floors.

  4. Mopping the lunch break room & kitchen floors.

  5. Emptying trash cans.

  6. Wiping down countertops, tables, and desks.

  7. Keep the insides of microwaves and refrigerators clean to reduce odours and bacteria build-up.

  8. Clean the coffee machine.

  9. Make sure you have enough utensils, cups, and napkins.

  10. Maintain a clean, disinfected, and welcoming environment for staff


  1. Include common area, Offices, Lobby, Lunchroom, Conference Room, Toilets

  2. Sanitise all touchpoints with Covid-19 approved chemicals.

  3. Dust desks, file cabinets, chairs, tables, and other office furniture's vertical surfaces.

  4. Vacuum all carpeting thoroughly.

  5. Damp-mop hard surface floors, paying special attention to corners, edges, and under furniture.

  6. Clean the toilets and bathrooms and replenish all consumable supplies.

  7. Sanitize and clean the entire kitchen area, including the sink.

  8. Clean the glass on the front door and the partitions.

  9. Sanitize and clean the conference room.

  10. Wipe off any hardware furniture and surfaces with a soft cloth.

  11. Remove any coffee stains from the table.

  12. Remove cobweb.

  13. Scrub and clean the warehouse floor with specialized equipment

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